Wednesday, January 30, 2019

50 Reasons Why - I'm OUT (of Mormonism)

50 Reasons Why
I’m OUT (of Mormonism)

  1. LDS meetings are boring.
  2. Brigham Young owned slaves.
  3. The City Creek Shopping Mall.
  4. The 1890 Manifesto was a lie.
  5. Where are all the steel swords?
  6. There was never a “Global Flood”.
  7. Joseph Smith was a sexual predator
  8. God’s word for the sun is “shinehah”.
  9. There is NO Book of Mormon Archeology
  10. The Primary manual has ghost stories.
  11. Lack of sex education ruins marriages.
  12. In 500 BC, American Indians knew French.
  13. Missionary medical treatment is abusive.
  14. Changing meeting times is not a revelation
  15. People who leave the church are shunned.
  16. Smith was sealed to 22 women before Emma.
  17. Utah cancer survival rates are about average.
  18. “Ministry” is a joke that everyone ignores.
  19. 148 years of super-racism. 40 years of less.
  20. Thomas S. Monson lied about his “85 widows”.
  21. Gay men were counseled to marry women.
  22. Forcible rape is a lesser sin than gay marriage.
  23. Nephi beheaded a man because he had a feeling.
  24. The Church is run by an unchecked 93-year-old.
  25. The Book of Abraham is a translation of nothing.
  26. The papyrus written by Abraham was lost.
  27. A man raped women in the MTC and nobody cares.
  28. Bearing testimony is a brainwashing technique.
  29. Allowing girls to pass out towels is not progress.
  30. Joseph Smith plagiarized his Bible “Translation”.
  31. Almost every “ faith promoting “ story is a myth.
  32. Polygamy had few rules, and those weren’t followed.
  33. Every song in the hymn book is like a funeral dirge.
  34. Masonic handshakes are just like Mormon temple ones.
  35. Today’s Endowment is nothing like it was 40 years ago.
  36. Mormons believe that the Tower of Babel story is real.
  37. It’s doctrine that God ignored humanity for 1500 years.
  38. It takes a lawyer to undo something I did when I was 8.
  39. Mormons build $50 million temples while ignoring poverty.
  40. Joseph Smith forced Heber C. Kimball to give him his wife.
  41. The last time an angel came to Earth was to talk about sex.
  42. Girls are taught that if they survive rape they’re tainted.
  43. Mormons killed 120 Arkansas migrants and stole their babies.
  44. 78-year-old John Taylor slept with his 26-year-old secretary.
  45. Brigham Young had a “favorite wife” who was 37 years younger.
  46. Joseph didn’t use the Gold Plates to write the Book of Mormon.
  47. Mormon bishops are alone with 7-year-old children all the time.
  48. Parents can't attend their kid's weddings over money and coffee.
  49. Except for tobacco use, the Word of Wisdom is incorrect or ignored.
  50. Smith didn’t tell anyone about the first vision for more than 10 years.

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