Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Africans Couldn't Enter Highest Mormon Heaven

Africans Couldn't Enter Highest Mormon Heaven
     For about 130 years, men and women of African decent were considered cursed by the Mormon Church.  They could be baptized, but the were not allowed to serve in leadership positions and they were not allowed to participate in LDS temple ceremonies.
LDS Missionary
     Mormons believe that the only way to achieve the ¨Highest Level of the Heaven¨ is to be endowed and sealed in the temple. Until 1978 they were not allowed entrance to the temples.  Some statements by early church leaders said that they might be able to live in the Mormon Celestial Kingdom as servants.
1978 BYU Universe Cover Story
     In 2013 the church released a statement that in effect said that Brigham Young was a product of his times.  It said that the racist policy and the justifications for it was in error.  The problem is that they also never apologized for 130 years of misguided leadership or acknowledged that some people were hurt.
Mormon Prophet Brigham Young
I plan to write more on this issue again soon.  There are so many other problems here.
The idea that Mormon Prophets could refuse an black man, woman or child access to Heaven because of racism is my main point.
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