Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mormonism's Lost Items

Mormonism's Lost Items

According to LDS Church History all of these items were seen by multiple witnesses and yet they are now lost, destroyed, or badly damaged.

Bones of Zelph - Lost
Bones that Joseph Smith said belonged to a great Lamanite Warrior.  
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Book of Abraham Papyrus - Lost, fragments later found 
Egyptian Papers that Joseph Smith said were written by the Prophet Abraham

Liahona - Breast Plate and Glasses - Sword of laban - Golden Plates - Brass Plates - Location Unknown - Taken by Angels?
All relics that are mentioned in the Book of Mormon
Pro - LDS Source (See pages 42 and 50 - 57)

Adam's Altar
Altar of Adam - Lost or destroyed
A stone altar in Missouri that Joseph Smith said Adam prayed at after leaving the Garden of Eden.

116 Pages of the Book of Mormon - Lost, perhaps altered, burned
Pages that Joseph Smith "translated" from the Golden Plates.

Original manuscript of Book of Mormon - Placed in Cornerstone of Nauvoo House - very water damaged.

Mummies that were with the Book of Abraham Papyrus . - lost or sold.

Book of Joseph Papyrus - Lost with BofA fragments.

Kinderhook Plates - Lost. One later found.

Plates that were made to trick Joseph Smith - it worked.
Kinderhook Plates
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Stone box holding Golden Plates - Lost

So what is left? A rock!!
"And upon this rock will I build my church."


  1. mormonism is right up there with immaculate conception for the ultimate sign of gullibility in humans.

  2. I don't think the immaculate conception is what you mean. Are you referring to the virgin birth?

  3. They actually have at least 3 rocks, but have only released pictures of one...

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  5. I think they also have the rock that is shaped like a hallucinogenic peyote bud. They probably don't advertise that one.