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British Mission Success in 1840's....

The Success of the 1840's Mormon Mission to England:

Woodruff and Young
The British Mission of Wilford Woodruff, Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor, Brigham Young and others was an absolute success.  Around 5,000 English joined the church by 1842.  The majority immigrated to the United States.  

Why did they have such success?  

The missionaries were teaching a message of hope, miracles and the coming Millennium.  They taught of angels, Prophets, Apostles and the Gathering of Israel.  The missionaries were young, charismatic and taught with clarity and power.  

But also....

The 1840's in Victorian England was a pretty horrible place to live.

England had suffered several economic disasters and crop failures just prior to the Missionaries arriving.  Queen Victoria had just become Queen and Charles Dickens was writing his famous stories including Oliver Twist.  The fertility rate was almost six children per adult woman and the average lifespan was less than 40.  About 1/4 the babies born died before reaching their first birthday.  
Please, sir, I want some more

Some quotes: 
In 1839 there was a serious slump in trade, leading to a steep increase in unemployment, accompanied by a bad harvest. The bad harvests were repeated in the two following years.  Source

Toilets would have been nothing more than cesspits. When these were filled they had to be emptied and what was collected was loaded onto a cart before being dumped in a local river. Source

Wilford Woodruff Wrote:  
I have seen more beggars here in one day than I saw in all my life in America. I have seen delicate females gathering manure to get a living for their famishing children. Source

My Final Thoughts More than 100,000 British immigrated to the United States each year between 1838 and 1842.  About one  percent of those were Mormon converts.  The beauty and promise of Zion and Nauvoo was taught.  Rolling hills, cheap farm land and a gathering of like minded people motivated many.  

From my reading of history and through personal experience, I know that greater the poverty, the greater the chances of receiving a spiritual prompting about making a dramatic change.  


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One More Quote
Perhaps no Mormon doctrine spoke more familiarly to some British folk than millennialism. Fundamental to the theology of many groups especially the dissenting sects was not only a belief in the literal Second Coming of Christ but also in the imminence of that event. It took little religious adjustment to accept the Mormon teaching that Christ would come again soon: only the concept that he would establish the Kingdom of God in America was different.  The Mormons taught further and with monumental self assurance that they would soon witness a millennial revolution.  Source

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Were 19th Century Mormon Miissionaries “Sex Traffickers”?

19th century Mormon missionaries targeted European girls with promises of perfect lives in America. They were poor, uneducated and desperate get away from the misery.  Once they were trapped in Utah, they were bartered for like cattle to serve men with sex and hard labor.  

sex traf·fick·ing

Dictionary result for sex trafficking

noun: sex trafficking; plural noun: sex traffickings
  1. the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

    By the 21st century definition this ISN’T sex trafficking because they did not “ illegally “ transport the women. .... UNLESS they lied to them about what they would get when they arrived.  Polygamy was publicly announced in 1852 and the story spread quickly through Europe.  So literate European women might have known that they were heading into polygamy, but since the missionaries targetted the uneducated, they likely did not know.  

    It is a common theme even in LDS Sunday School classes today to praise young teenage girls from Denmark or Germany that were willing to leave their families to join the church, “embrace the gospel”. And follow the missionaries to America and Utah.  I now realize that all it was, was a sexual recruiting tool for Brigham Young and the other men of The Mormon Church to exploit the poor conditions of women in Europe.  

    So, were 19th Century Mormon Missionaries “Sex Traffickers”?


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Proof that the Catholic Church is Run by the Devil....

Photo taken 30 AD by Dove
The Mormon Church has never, ever, ever changed anything in their ordinances.  

The most obvious reason that the Catholic Church is run by Satan is that they changed the baptism ceremony.  Jesus was baptized by immersion in the River Jordan when he was 30 years old.

John the Baptist held Jesus in the exact manner shown.  Jesus did not have to use his free hand to pinch his nose.  Jesus wore white, and John wore gray.... wait, that part isn't essential.  
which is better left or right?

John the Baptist then later appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and gave them the priesthood and they baptized each other.  
Photo taken by John T.B.

This took place in 1829 but Joseph and Oliver forgot to tell anyone for six years.  

Back to the important part.   Mormons LDS Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are baptized exactly like Jesus was at age 30.  And they have never changed any ordinances... ever.  That would be really bad, and clearly from the Devil.  OK.  Now it is 8 years old, not 30 but no babies.  
Satan is Happy

Aware of polygamy, 2nd Anointing
polyandry, racism, Shinehah.
The Catholics sprinkle babies.  Why does a baby need to be baptized?  They are so cute and soft and perfect and they can't possibly make an eternal  decision as babies.  One that might cause them to hire a lawyer many years later as adults.
(See ) 8 year olds are totally aware of all the issues in the Church and are prepared to make these covenants and would not chose to be baptized in order to have an ice cream party with friends.  

Conclusion:   Members of the Church... 
Mormons have never changed their temple ordinances!!  
Although we don't talk about the temple ceremony, it is essential that we show some of the things about the temple in order to present evidence that Mormons have never changed ordinances like the Great and Abominable Church.  

Washing and Anointing - Not Changed
Garments - Not Changed
Veiling faces - Not Changed
Penalties - Not Changed
Oaths and Covenants - Not Changed
Veil Ceremony - Not Changed

Final Conclusion:  Clearly you can see that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have never changed an ordinance.  So the Church of Jesus Christ is the one true church of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church is run by the Devil himself.