Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top 15 Reasons Mormonisn is NOT a Worldwide Church!

Reasons the LDS Church is NOT a World Wide Church! 

 1. The LDS Church does not care about legislation outside of the USA.
 2. The LDS Church wants its men around the World to dress like 1960’s U.S. Businessmen.
 3. The LDS Church has separate rules for Americans. (cremation, temple marriage waiting)
 4. 100 percent of LDS Women's General Relief Society Presidency members have been U.S. Citizens.
 5. 14 Members of the Big-15 are U.S. Citizens.. Uchtdorf is a “naturalized” U.S. citizen.
 6. The Church invests nearly ZERO $$ outside the USA. In Utah, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, California - Billions $$
 7. LDS scriptures very clearly say that U.S. Government is led by God.
 8. The LDS Church does NOT allow traditional worship musical instruments in African, Asian, Latin American Sacrament Meetings.
 9. All General Meetings are conducted in English.
 10. The Church’s official History of the Relief Society is translated into only four Languages.
 11. A member in South America travels 100 times as far to reach a temple as a member in Utah.
 12. The “Seer Stone” apparently only speaks English.
 13. There are ZERO church universities outside the United States.
 14. The three most recent Apostles chosen were all white American millionaires.
 15. Five of the six Area Authorities over Africa were born in the U.S. The sixth was born in …. Australia.