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Mountain Meadow Massacre

Mountain Meadow Massacre

On September 11th, 1857 a wagon train from Arkansas that was passing through Southern Utah was attacked by Mormons and about 140 men, women and children were killed.

The people of the wagon train had surrendered after a several day siege by the Mormons.  The men were taken from the group, disarmed and while walking with one Mormon per man an order was yelled saying, "Do Your Duty!" and each man was killed by their Mormon guard.

After the men were killed, the women and older children were either shot or had their throats slit.  Children who were thought to be under the age of 8 were spared from death and given to Mormon families to raise. The 17 children were eventually returned to Arkansas.

Because of the Civil War it took several years before a formal investigation was completed.  John D. Lee was eventually excommunicated by the Church and executed for his crimes by federal authorities.  He was the only one convicted.
John D. Lee
There is no significant proof that Brigham Young had ordered the massacre but their is evidence that he stalled, delayed and hindered the investigations.  Members of the church spread myths about the Indian involvement and changed the narrative that was taught for more than 100 years.

There is also clear evidence that Brigham Young had taught a message of revenge, isolationism and murder that contributed to the 1857 hysteria.

Only recently has the Church apologized for the massacre.

Monument Built by LDS Church

Wikipedia Article
Henry Erying Statement
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Most Problematic Issues of Mormon Polygamy

The Most Problematic Facts About Mormon Polygamy
Heber C. Kimball

  1. Joseph Smith claiming Helen Mar Kimball for eternity when she was only 14 years old.
  2. Joseph Smith marrying women without the knowledge of his wife Emma
  3. The church claiming to end polygamy in 1890 but not really meaning it.
  4. Joseph Smith tying women’s salvation to their willingness to marry him.
  5. Joseph Smith marrying women who were married to other men.
  6. Joseph Smith claiming Heber C. Kimball's wife Vilate for himself and then telling his great friend Heber it was “just a test”.
  7. D&C 132 saying that if Emma doesn’t accept polygamy “she shall be destroyed”
  8. Claiming the end of the Law of Moses and yet using Old Testament prophets to justify polygamy.
  9. The destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor printing press.
  10. Still claiming in 2017 that Joseph was forced by an angel with a sword to practice polygamy.
  11. The whitewashing of polygamy over the past 100 years.
  12. Many women who joined the church in Europe, came to Utah and were forced into polygamy.
  13. The recent essays on polygamy that make no apologies or claim of human errors.
  14. The idea that polygamist had “Favorite Wives”.
  15. That Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball could have any meaningful relationship with 50 wives.
  16. That church leaders could use their position of authority to force girls to marry them.
  17. The deliberate lie that polygamy was because there were so many more women than men.
  18. That women were traded and assigned as wives like cattle.
  19. That “modern” scripture still says that Joseph Smith can have “ten virgins”.
  20. The quote by Heber C. Kimball saying that missionaries can’t claim all the pretty women.
  21. That 19th century missionaries would deliberately teach vulnerable women in Europe to bring home as wives.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lies I Was Taught in the Mormon Church

Lies I Was Taught in the Mormon Church
I brainstormed for 15 minutes and came up with this list. I'm sure there are many more.....
  1. Black people were not valiant in the pre-existence.
    I was taught that Black People are lucky they even got to be born.
  2. Joseph Smith never practiced polygamy.
  3. Brigham Young did everything he could to prosecute the killers in Mountain Meadows Massacre.
  4. Gay people choose to be gay.
  5. Mary had sex with God in Heaven.
  6. People with mental illness are possessed by the Devil.
  7. The Second Coming of Jesus would be in the Year 2000.
  8. Mormons didn’t practice polygamy after 1890.
    They Still Seals Men to Two Wives
  9. So many young ladies had to be polygamous wives in the 1800’s because the men died in wars.
  10. I would probably end up living in Jackson County, Missouri.
  11. The earth is only six thousand years old.
  12. Evolution is a lie
  13. Dinosaur bones were put on Earth by the Devil.
  14. The Church has the Gold Plates and Sword of Laban in its vaults.
  15. The sealed portion of the Golden Plates would be released any day.
  16. I was one of the greatest generals in the War in Heaven.
  17. Brigham Young mostly just married widows.
  18. African people weren’t prepared enough to handle the priesthood.
  19. The temple would be an amazing experience.
  20. Masturbation will make me turn gay.
  21. Bishops can read my mind.
  22. All my tithing goes to building churches and temples
  23. The RLDS church was led by the Devil.
  24. The church had secret missionaries in China
  25. Women should not wear makeup or dye their hair.
  26. Angels helped push the handcarts
  27. The Book of Mormon is the most perfect book on Earth
  28. The Book of Abraham was written by Abraham and translated by Joseph Smith
  29. The devil ruled the waters
  30. All the Indians were Lamanites.
  31. Joseph translated the Book of Mormon using the Urim and Thummim
  32. There had been no changes in the temple ceremony
  33. The Masons got their ceremony from looking through windows at Solomon’s Temple
  34. People leave the Mormon church because they want to sin.
  35. It will be proven that coffee is as bad as smoking
    Some people will go to Hell because they can't quit drinking coffee.
  36. The Catholic church is run by the devil
  37. Archaeologists have tons of proof of the Book of Mormon
  38. God’s doctrine never changes
  39. Anything not written by the church is Anti - Mormon.
  40. The Holy Ghost is a better witness than logic.
  41. Church leaders are not paid
  42. Christ walks the halls of the temple with the Prophet.
  43. The Earth was completely covered by water in Noah's Flood.
  44. The Tower of Babel is real and historical.
    Pretty Cool Tower
  45. Using contraception is a violation of the commandments.
  46. The idea that Eskimos came over an ice- bridge from Asia were lies to keep us from believing the Book of Mormon.

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Peter James and John Problems

Peter James and John in the 2014 Temple Film
The most recent endowment film in the LDS temples includes new actors portraying Apostles Peter James and John.
Peter is played by a 40-something white guy who looks like a balding Utah Mormon bishop.  James is played by a 60-something Mediterranean looking grey haired man.  Good looking guy, kind of looks like John Huntsman.  John is played by a 20-ish Hispanic man who is very attractive ... He could easily be a Mexican soap opera star. Maybe looks like Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Ilgesias

A few of the doctrinal issues that come up.  Some trivial, others not.
1. The events show a supposedly real conversation that took place between Adam and Eve and Peter James and John 4000 years before those men were born.
2.  They shakes hands, talk, wear clothes and splash through water.
3. If they had not yet been born, how do they shake hands?  There is a whole D&C Section about spirits not shaking hands.
4. They are dressed in Roman looking clothing.  How did they know the Year 30 A.D. styles?
5. They were already called Apostles.
Adam and Eve
6. Why were they such different ages?
7. Did God know that they would not go bad in the next 4000 years as spirits as well as the years during their mortal lifetime?
8.  Why do they look balding, grey or old? Don't our spirits look like our hottest age?   (For me it was age 22)
9. Is it just coincidence that the whitest guy is the leader and spokesman?
10. Peter James and John hang out another 6000 years later and, according to the story give Joseph and Oliver Cowdery the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Another story that I will tackle later.
11. I was taught once that we would all we white in Heaven, and that our spirits are white.  If these spirit men are Hispanic Looking is the church changing its doctrine?

Restoration of Priesthood
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D&C Section 129 - Shaking Hands

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Sad Story of Vilate Kimball

The Sad Story of Vilate Kimball
Vilate Murray married Heber C. Kimball on November 7, 1822 in Canada.  For 10 years they lived peacefully.  In 1833 they were taught by LDS Missionaries and converted to Mormonism.  Shortly after joining the church they moved to Kirtland to be with the rest of the saints there.  

Vilate Kimball
Heber was made an Apostle and they suffered greatly with all the saints in Ohio, Missouri and ended up in Nauvoo.  Heber served several missions including at least 2 years in England.

While living in Nauvoo, Joseph Smith approached Heber with the doctrine of plural marriage, this alone was hard for Heber to accept but then Joseph explained that he (Joseph) had been commanded to have Vilate as his wife.  By this time Heber and Vilate had been married for nearly 20 years!

The following passage is taken from Orsen F. Whitney's Biography of Heber C. Kimball:
Three days he fasted and wept and prayed. Then, with a broken and a bleeding heart, but with soul selfmastered for the sacrifice, he led his darling wife to the Prophet's house and presented her to Joseph. 
It was enough—the heavens accepted the sacrifice. The will for the deed was taken, and "accounted unto him for righteousness." Joseph wept at this proof of devotion, and embracing Heber, told him that was all that the Lord required. He had proved him, as a child of Abraham, that he would "do the works of Abraham," holding back nothing, but laying all upon the altar for God's glory. 
The Prophet joined the hands of the heroic and devoted pair, and then and there, by virtue of the sealing power and authority of the Holy Priesthood, Heber and Vilate Kimball were made husband and wife for all eternity. 

Joseph announced that it was all a big test and then allowed them to be sealed.  But the test was not over.  Within a few weeks, Joseph approached Heber and asked to marry his 14 year old daughter Helen Mar.  The Kimball's agreed to this.  

Heber would go on to marry 65 women and was the second most powerful man in the church for many years.  

Three quotes by Heber that are often seen:
"I have noticed that a man who has but one wife, and is inclined to that doctrine, soon begins to wither and dry up, while a man who goes into plurality [of wives] looks fresh, young, and sprightly." - Apostle Heber C. Kimball, Journal of Discourses Vol 5, page 22

"I think no more of taking another wife than I do of buying a cow." - Apostle Heber C. Kimball, The Twenty Seventh Wife, Irving Wallace, p. 101.

Speaking to a group of departing missionaries... "Brethren, I want you to understand that it is not to be as it has been heretofore. The brother missionaries have been in the habit of picking out the prettiest women for themselves before they get here, and bringing on the ugly ones for us; hereafter you have to bring them all here before taking any of them, and let us all have a fair shake." - Apostle Heber C. Kimball, The Lion of the Lord, New York, 1969, pp.129-30.

Passages from Whitney's Book
Wikipedia - Heber C. Kimball
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Paul H. Dunn vs. John Dehlin

Paul H. Dunn's Story Telling...

John Dehlin was recently excommunicated for telling the truth.  For more than 20 years Paul H. Dunn served as a General Authority in the LDS church and lied hundreds of times.  He was given a slap on the wrist for his actions.......

Growing up in 1970's and 80's Mormonism I heard Paul H. Dunn speak many times.  He was a dynamic story teller and told stories that amazed and inspired us.  He told detailed stories about battles he had fought in World War II and I especially loved his stories about baseball. 

He often spoke in General Conference as well as going around the country speaking to Stake Conferences and other special conferences.  He also sold thousands of books and recordings of his talks.  

In the late 1980's the Arizona Republic Newspaper did an expose on his life and talks and showed that he had greatly exaggerated his stories and made up many of them entirely.

On October 23, 1991 he released the following statement:
"I have been accused of various activities unbecoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
"I confess that I have not always been accurate in my public talks and writings. Furthermore, I have indulged in other activities inconsistent with the high and sacred office which I have held.
"For all of these I feel a deep sense of remorse, and ask forgiveness of any whom I may have offended.
"My brethren of the General Authorities, over a long period of time, have conducted in-depth investigations of the charges made against me. They have weighed the evidence. They have censured me and placed a heavy penalty upon me.
"I accept their censure and the imposed penalty, and pledge to conduct my life in such a way as to merit their confidence and full fellowship.
"In making these acknowledgements, I plead for the understanding of my brethren and sisters throughout the Church and give assurance of my determination so to live as to bring added respect to the cause I deeply love, and honor to the Lord who is my Redeemer.
                                          "Sincerely, Paul H. Dunn"

He was made a General Authority Emeritus after that information came out. He died in 1998.

The reason that this is problematic for the church is that for 23 years Dunn served as a General Authority and spoke at General Conferences.  There is no evidence that any of the Prophets that he served under realized that he was lying.  Shouldn't they have received inspiration or revelation that he was telling falsehoods?  
Also problematic is that he was not excommunicated from the church for deceiving the members.  He was not even released from the Quorum of the 70 but was given "emeritus" status, the same as faithful men who are aging. 

Conversely, John Dehlin has been excommunicated for telling truths to the members of the church.  But because he is bringing up controversial and difficult issues and doing them so publicly the church has chosen to handle his removing him from the church and take away his priesthood and temple blessings.  

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LDS Church Leaders Have Never Been Older

LDS Church Leadership has never been older

The LDS Church is sometimes called a gerontocracy.  (A form of rule where the leaders are significantly older than the adult population).  Since the senior member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles becomes the President of the Church, he is almost always extremely old.

Ages of the Presidents of the Church:
Thomas S. Monson - Age 80 -  (Currently 87)
Gordon B. Hinckley - Age 82 - 97
Howard W. Hunter - Age 86 - 87
Ezra Taft Benson - Age 86 - 94
Spencer W. Kimball - Age 78 - 90
Harold B. Lee - Age 73 - 74
Joseph Fielding Smith - Age 94 - 95
David O. McKay  - Age 77 - 96
George Albert Smith - Age 74 - 81
Heber J. Grant - Age 62 - 88
Joseph F. Smith - Age  62 - 80
Lorenzo Snow - Age 84 - 87
Wilford Woodruff - Age 82 - 91
John Taylor - Age 71 - 78
Brigham Young - Age 46 - 76
Joseph Smith - Age 24 - 38

A man of age has a lifetime of experience to draw on.  Lots of stories and teachings to draw from.  They also tend to be sick more and unfortunately often start to lose their mental abilities.  Steve Benson has written extensively about the last few years that his grandfather Ezra Benson was the prophet.  Leaders would be speaking in General Conference saying the President Benson was guiding the church and Steve would know that his grandfather had significant dementia.

The other difficulty with an aging leadership is the real or perceived lack of empathy with social issues.  If the church leadership would have been in their 30's and 40's would the church have continued to refuse temple blessing to Africans?  Would LGBT men and women have been given greater empathy sooner?  The faithful answer is to say that God is ageless and gives revelation to whomever is in the leadership. That Christ really leads the church.  

Since Pope Benedict resigned the Catholic leadership in 2013, and President Monson has show some signs of aging, the questions have become more frequent on if an LDS President can or should resign.  As the LDS church faces increasing challenges from "outside forces"  effective, vibrant leadership will become more and more essential.  
Predicting who the church president will be
Article about Steve Benson

Ages on March 2015

First Presidency

Thomas S. Monson • 87.53 years

Henry B. Eyring • 81.75 years

Dieter F. Uchtdorf • 74.32 years

Quorum of the Twelve Apostle

Boyd K. Packer • 90.48 years

L. Tom Perry • 92.57 years

Russell M. Nelson • 90.48 years

Dallin H. Oaks • 82.55 years

M. Russell Ballard • 86.40 years

Richard G. Scott • 86.32 years

Robert D. Hales • 82.52 years

Jeffrey R. Holland • 74.25 years

David A. Bednar • 62.71 years

Quentin L. Cook • 74.48 years

D. Todd Christofferson • 70.10 years

Neil L. Andersen • 63.56 years

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Africans Couldn't Enter Highest Mormon Heaven

Africans Couldn't Enter Highest Mormon Heaven
     For about 130 years, men and women of African decent were considered cursed by the Mormon Church.  They could be baptized, but the were not allowed to serve in leadership positions and they were not allowed to participate in LDS temple ceremonies.
LDS Missionary
     Mormons believe that the only way to achieve the ¨Highest Level of the Heaven¨ is to be endowed and sealed in the temple. Until 1978 they were not allowed entrance to the temples.  Some statements by early church leaders said that they might be able to live in the Mormon Celestial Kingdom as servants.
1978 BYU Universe Cover Story
     In 2013 the church released a statement that in effect said that Brigham Young was a product of his times.  It said that the racist policy and the justifications for it was in error.  The problem is that they also never apologized for 130 years of misguided leadership or acknowledged that some people were hurt.
Mormon Prophet Brigham Young
I plan to write more on this issue again soon.  There are so many other problems here.
The idea that Mormon Prophets could refuse an black man, woman or child access to Heaven because of racism is my main point.
Links: - Race and the Priesthood
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Solidarity With Kirk Van Allen

Solidarity With Kirk Van Allen
Kirk Van Allen recently posted a blog about the 132nd Section of the Doctrine and Covenants.  I admire him and admire his courage in posting it publicly.  I have not yet posted my name publicly.  Honestly I'm too nervous.  Here is a link to his blog.  

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An Angel with a Sword

An Angel With a Sword
Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith practiced polygamy from about 1834 until his death in 1844.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints continued to practice polygamy until 1905

 (See my blog post about  post-manifesto polygamy)

In justifying "plural marriage" or "celestial marriage" to his wife, young women and women married to other men, Joseph would Claim that "An angel with a sword" has commanded him to marry these women.

The Mormon Church in their 2015 Essay on Plural Marriage had the following paragraph:
When God commands a difficult task, He sometimes sends additional messengers to encourage His people to obey. Consistent with this pattern, Joseph told associates that an angel appeared to him three times between 1834 and 1842 and commanded him to proceed with plural marriage when he hesitated to move forward. During the third and final appearance, the angel came with a drawn sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he went forward and obeyed the commandment fully.

It is amazing to think that in 2015 the LDS church is justifying Joseph's sexual exploits by claiming an angel with a sword commanded it.

The church's statement above implies that we need to feel sorry for Joseph because he was asked to do this difficult task.  He had to sleep with other men's wives, teenage girls that worked in his home and all of this while lying to his wife, members of the church, his brother Hyrum and the authorities. 

Joseph never claimed that there was another witness to the angel.  I wonder how it would go over today if President Thomas S. Monson came to a father and said that an Angel with a sword has commanded him to marry his 14 year old daughter.  

I can't help but add a post that a person gave on Reddit related to this topic:

That lazy-****** Angel with a Sword! Here's what he could have done if he were concerned with more than just JS's wife collection:

  • Threaten Hitler to not start WWII.
  • Threaten bin Laden to not use jetliners as WMD.
  • Threaten Lee Harvey Oswald to not kill JFK.
  • Threaten Pete Carroll to not throw the ball on 2nd down at the 1 yard line in the Super Bowl.

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    Post Manifesto Polygamy

    Lying for the Lord - Post Manifesto Polygamy

    In 1890 then LDS President Wilford Woodruff presented a revelation to the body of the Church called "The Manifesto". It is still found in the LDS scriptures as Official Declaration #1.  It was in response to the very difficult situation that the church was in over polygamy. Many of the church leaders were in jail, others were in hiding and much of the church's property had been confiscated.
    The Manifesto
    As it turns out the "revelation" was only a ruse to get the federal authorities to back down. "Lying for the Lord" was something that Joseph Smith and others had done, and it worked again here. Life in the church returned to a measure of normality.

    Church Leaders in Prison

    The church continued to perform plural marriages in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The church recently released an essay that says, "For a time, post-Manifesto plural marriages required the approval of a member of the First Presidency."

    President Wilford Woodruff

    In 1905 the pressure was back on the Church. During the hearings to see if Reed Smoot could be seated as a U.S. Senator, the church faced very harsh scrutiny. At that time Joseph F. Smith issued was called the "Second Manifesto". This time the LDS Church really meant it. People who performed plural marriages were excommunicated.

    D. Michael Quinn
    D. Michael Quinn, a noted and prolific Mormon scholar and historian wrote several articles about Post - Manifesto Polygamy and was ultimately excommunicated for his work and was one of the "September Six".

    Although the church has freely admitted to the continuation of post manifesto polygamy in some settings in March of 2015 a New Era article said the following:  "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints stopped practicing plural marriage in 1890."  Maybe they need to get their story straight.

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    The Miracle of Forgiveness

    The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball
    ....was written in 1969.  It was written while Kimball was a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.  Kimball later became the President of the LDS Church.  The book was reprinted by the church while Kimball was Church President giving it an even more official status.   The book is still sold by Deseret Book.

    The book has been a source of controversy.  

    A few of the most controversial quotes:
    "Your virtue is worth more than your life… preserve your virtue even if you lose 
    your lives… do not permit yourselves to be led into temptation"

     “…one should give his or her life rather than to yield to loss of virtue."
    Spencer W. Kimball

    "Also far-reaching is the effect of the loss of chastity. Once given or taken or stolen it can never be regained. Even in a forced contact such as rape or incest, the injured one is greatly outraged. If she has not cooperated and contributed to the foul deed, she is of course in a more favorable position. There is no condemnation where there is no voluntary participation. It is better to die in defending one's virtue than to live having lost it without a struggle."

    As I was riding along the road on my mule I suddenly noticed a very strange personage walking beside me.... His head was about even with my shoulders as I sat in my saddle. He wore no clothing, but was covered with hair. His skin was very dark. I asked him where he dwelt and he replied that he had no home, that he was a wanderer in the earth and traveled to and fro. He said he was a very miserable creature, that he had earnestly sought death during his sojourn upon the earth, but that he could not die, and his mission was to destroy the souls of men. About the time he expressed himself thus, I rebuked him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, and commanded him to go hence, and he immediately departed out of my sight....

    "Prophets anciently and today condemn masturbation. It induces feelings of guilt and shame. It is detrimental to spirituality. It indicates slavery to the flesh, not that mastery of it and the growth toward godhood which is the object of our mortal life. Our modern prophet has indicated that no young man should be called on a mission who is not free from this practice. What is more, it too often leads to grievous sin, even to that sin against nature, homosexuality.

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    The Real Cost of Mormon Temple Work

    The Real Cost of Mormon Temple Work
    The Mormon Church believes that we can perform ordinances such as baptisms, marriages (sealings) and Endowments for those people that are dead.  These rites are performed in Mormon Temples

    There are about 150 temples worldwide.  They are beautiful, massive buildings that are constructed with the finest materials and engineering.  Their cost has to be enormous.  (The church does not release the cost of anything.

    The San Diego Temple
    Greater than the cost of building the temples is the cost to the members of attending the temple.  Many people attend the temple weekly and most LDS families have a goal to attend once a month where possible.  The cost in gasoline, babysitting, clothing, and lost work time is huge.  In addition since small children can't go to the temple, parents are often away from the children for hours at a time.
    Baptismal Font inside a temple
    Annual estimates to the church in building and maintaining the temples as well as the cost to members ranges from about 1 to 3 $Billion / year.

    Even though the  LDS Church has at times performed temple ceremonies in rivers, tents and cabins, they insist on building $50 million ornate buildings while knowing of the suffering, hunger and poverty around the world.

    It is a common story taught in LDS churches of a poor family from an island in the Pacific or somewhere deep in the Amazon saves money for years to attend the temple at a distant location rather than use the money for education or housing.   The story refers to the great sacrifice and faith of those people, essentially promising them eternity in Heaven.

    The real cost of all this might be in the shaming and social loss of those who leave the faith or part member families who cannot attend the temples weddings of their loved ones.

    List of LDS Temples - Wikipedia
    Social Cost of Temples Attendance - Why Temples?

    Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    What is a General Conference Session?

    What is a General Conference Session?
    The October 2014 General Conference began (or not?) with a Relief Society Session. Several people called it the first session of conference, and apparently, “The brethren” were upset by this.  When a member of the Quorum of the 70 gave a prayer at the Saturday Evening Priesthood Session, he called that session the 4th session, which would have included the Relief Society session.  Listen to the Link, it is clear that they muted out the word fourth. It is laughable and embarrassing. The prayer was so horrific that they actually took the time to edit it, and make a statement about it in the Church Newsroom.  

    I can’t think of a better way to belittle and demean women than to take the time to throw their session out of the official list.  Why does the Priesthood session count and the Women’s session does not?  It is misogyny and stupidity at its worst.

    Priesthood Session Video (Watch prayer starting at about 5:00 minutes)

    Monday, March 2, 2015

    Book of Abraham

    The Book of Abraham
    In 1835 Joseph Smith purchased four mummies that included some papyrus written in Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Joseph “translated” them into what is now the Book of Abraham.  After the death of Joseph the original papyrus were lost.  In 1966 some parts of the papyrus were found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  
    Facsimile #1 
    1966 discovery of the documents caused great anticipation in the church because since the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, scholars would now had the capability to translate the hieroglyphics and prove that Joseph was a true prophet.  
    Title Page
    As Egyptologists analyzed the papyrus however they found that they had nothing to do with the Prophet Abraham but were a typical burial or funerary document that was placed with most mummies.  Radiocarbon dating has also suggested that the papyrus were from a time 1500 years after Abraham was said to have lived.

    Even though the Pearl of Great Price calls the scripture “The writings of Abraham while he was in Egypt, called the Book of Abraham, written by his own hand, upon papyrus.” The Church now acknowledges that they are “Inspired Translations” which means that Joseph used the ancient papers as a way to receive inspiration.  
    One of the discovered fragments

    While most people outside the LDS church consider story to be an example of Joseph Smith’s deception, faithful members consider the Book of Abraham to be of divine origin and that they include sacred truths about God’s dealings with man.