Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lies I Was Taught in the Mormon Church

Lies I Was Taught in the Mormon Church
I brainstormed for 15 minutes and came up with this list. I'm sure there are many more.....
  1. Black people were not valiant in the pre-existence.
    I was taught that Black People are lucky they even got to be born.
  2. Joseph Smith never practiced polygamy.
  3. Brigham Young did everything he could to prosecute the killers in Mountain Meadows Massacre.
  4. Gay people choose to be gay.
  5. Mary had sex with God in Heaven.
  6. People with mental illness are possessed by the Devil.
  7. The Second Coming of Jesus would be in the Year 2000.
  8. Mormons didn’t practice polygamy after 1890.
    They Still Seals Men to Two Wives
  9. So many young ladies had to be polygamous wives in the 1800’s because the men died in wars.
  10. I would probably end up living in Jackson County, Missouri.
  11. The earth is only six thousand years old.
  12. Evolution is a lie
  13. Dinosaur bones were put on Earth by the Devil.
  14. The Church has the Gold Plates and Sword of Laban in its vaults.
  15. The sealed portion of the Golden Plates would be released any day.
  16. I was one of the greatest generals in the War in Heaven.
  17. Brigham Young mostly just married widows.
  18. African people weren’t prepared enough to handle the priesthood.
  19. The temple would be an amazing experience.
  20. Masturbation will make me turn gay.
  21. Bishops can read my mind.
  22. All my tithing goes to building churches and temples
  23. The RLDS church was led by the Devil.
  24. The church had secret missionaries in China
  25. Women should not wear makeup or dye their hair.
  26. Angels helped push the handcarts
  27. The Book of Mormon is the most perfect book on Earth
  28. The Book of Abraham was written by Abraham and translated by Joseph Smith
  29. The devil ruled the waters
  30. All the Indians were Lamanites.
  31. Joseph translated the Book of Mormon using the Urim and Thummim
  32. There had been no changes in the temple ceremony
  33. The Masons got their ceremony from looking through windows at Solomon’s Temple
  34. People leave the Mormon church because they want to sin.
  35. It will be proven that coffee is as bad as smoking
    Some people will go to Hell because they can't quit drinking coffee.
  36. The Catholic church is run by the devil
  37. Archaeologists have tons of proof of the Book of Mormon
  38. God’s doctrine never changes
  39. Anything not written by the church is Anti - Mormon.
  40. The Holy Ghost is a better witness than logic.
  41. Church leaders are not paid
  42. Christ walks the halls of the temple with the Prophet.
  43. The Earth was completely covered by water in Noah's Flood.
  44. The Tower of Babel is real and historical.
    Pretty Cool Tower
  45. Using contraception is a violation of the commandments.
  46. The idea that Eskimos came over an ice- bridge from Asia were lies to keep us from believing the Book of Mormon.

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