Saturday, March 21, 2015

Peter James and John Problems

Peter James and John in the 2014 Temple Film
The most recent endowment film in the LDS temples includes new actors portraying Apostles Peter James and John.
Peter is played by a 40-something white guy who looks like a balding Utah Mormon bishop.  James is played by a 60-something Mediterranean looking grey haired man.  Good looking guy, kind of looks like John Huntsman.  John is played by a 20-ish Hispanic man who is very attractive ... He could easily be a Mexican soap opera star. Maybe looks like Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Ilgesias

A few of the doctrinal issues that come up.  Some trivial, others not.
1. The events show a supposedly real conversation that took place between Adam and Eve and Peter James and John 4000 years before those men were born.
2.  They shakes hands, talk, wear clothes and splash through water.
3. If they had not yet been born, how do they shake hands?  There is a whole D&C Section about spirits not shaking hands.
4. They are dressed in Roman looking clothing.  How did they know the Year 30 A.D. styles?
5. They were already called Apostles.
Adam and Eve
6. Why were they such different ages?
7. Did God know that they would not go bad in the next 4000 years as spirits as well as the years during their mortal lifetime?
8.  Why do they look balding, grey or old? Don't our spirits look like our hottest age?   (For me it was age 22)
9. Is it just coincidence that the whitest guy is the leader and spokesman?
10. Peter James and John hang out another 6000 years later and, according to the story give Joseph and Oliver Cowdery the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Another story that I will tackle later.
11. I was taught once that we would all we white in Heaven, and that our spirits are white.  If these spirit men are Hispanic Looking is the church changing its doctrine?

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