Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Family of President John Taylor in 1886

The photos of the women aren’t actual photos of Taylor’s wives.

Taylor married his youngest wife in December of 1886. He died in July 1887.

John Taylor married twin sisters in 1847.  They were 22 and he was 39.

This Ensign Article from 1980 Entitled "The Family of John Taylor" only mentions 3 of his wives.
Kind of tells us how the LDS Church felt about women in 1886 as well as 1980.

These notes were from an ExMo Reddit Post a year ago:
John Taylor was in Kaysville at the time, hiding from federal marshals. These marshals were attempting to arrest Taylor on the charge of bigamy. Josephine was helping Taylor with office work during this period.
According to author Samuel Taylor (John Taylor's grandson), even though the prophet "had one foot in the grave, he had not lost his eye for a pretty girl." (The Last Pioneer, Signature Books, p. 373). Samuel also states that President Taylor became "frisky as a colt" and "became downright courtly."
The marriage was short-lived as Taylor passed away in 1887.

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