Friday, May 4, 2018

The Sweetwater Rescue Myth

The Mormon Church has stretched the truth so much that it calls into question, every story they have ever told.  

There are 100's of examples:

Here is one.....

From the current Primary Manual #5 - Church History:
        "Then three eighteen-year-old boys from the relief party came to their rescue. George W. Grant, David P. Kimball, and C. Allen Huntington plunged into the icy water and began carrying people across the river. They made many trips and carried almost the entire company across. 
        The cold water caused health problems for the boys, and years later all three died from these health problems. When President Brigham Young heard what these three boys had done, he wept. He later said that this act alone would ensure the three young men places in the celestial kingdom."

Since at least 2006 the LDS Church has known that the basic facts of the story are false:

a. None of the young men were 18 years old.
b. There is little evidence that any of the men died as a result of the act. 
c. Brigham Young has no right or knowledge if they earned their places in the Celestial Kingdom.  
d. There were more than three rescuers.

The true story just isn't good enough!
The reality is that there was a rescue, people did carry others across, the handcart pioneers were really brave and suffered horribly.  Unfortunately, that isn't good enough for the LDS Church.  It has to make a story even bigger, more miraculous and make their leaders look really great.

So why does the church continue to present folklore as fact?

a. Because they've lied for so long.
b. Because it will prove that their leaders have no power of discernment.
c. Because it shows that their lesson manuals are not inspired.
d. Because they would have to correct the church record going back generations.
e. Because they will NOT apologize.
f. Because they would have to re-translate 100's of church manuals and talks.  

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A sample of places on where the false story is still repeated:

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