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Titanic Warning - Missed Opportunity

Mormon Church - Titanic
April 1912 Timeline

Mormon Prophet and Seer Joseph F. Smith 
had the chance to warn the Titanic. 

Wednesday April 3rd - 
     The Titanic Arrives in Southampton.

Thursday April 4th -
     Crew, cooks and employees begin to fill the ship.

Friday April 5th - (Gen. Conference)
     Supplies, foodstuffs and freight is loaded.
     LDS Prophet Joseph F. Smith talks about tithing and the enemies of the church.

Saturday April 6th - (Gen. Conference)
    Beds are made and more freight is loaded.
    President Smith spoke about his uncle Joseph Smith

Sunday April 7th -  (Gen. Conference)
     Titanic preparations continue.
     Prophet of God speaks about missionary work.

Monday April 8th - 
     Titanic food preparations begin. 
      LDS Leaders meet briefly to discuss attendance and then rest. 

Tuesday April 9th - 
      Final touches on put on the ship, 20 lifeboats in place. 
      74 year old President  Joseph F. Smith attends temple and works in his office.

Wednesday April 10th - 
     The Titanic sets sail from Southampton England
     Joseph F. Smith silent

Thursday April 11th - 
     The Titanic leaves Ireland, the last chance for a warning by telegraph.
     Prophet, Seer and Revelator Smith is silent.

Monday April 15th -
     The Titanic Sinks  in the Atlantic Ocean.  More than 1500 people die, Including President Joseph F. Smith's cousin Irene Corbett.
     Word arrives in Salt Lake City by telegraph the same day.

Wednesday April 17th -
     LDS Church leaders meet to discuss tragedy.  No public statement is made.

Thursday April 18th - 
Carpathia brings first survivors into New York City


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