Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Mission to the Lamanites Falsehood

The "Church History" Primary Manual lies about the "Mission to the Lamanites".

Shortly after the publication of the Book of Mormon and founding of the Church, Joseph sent four men to "The Indian Territory" to tell the "Lamanites" about the Book of Mormon. See D&C 32

In LDS Church History books it is typically called The Mission to the Lamanites.

The Primary Manual spends almost two pages talking about the mission

The difference can be seen by comparing these two sources:

This quote is from the Church History Primary Manual - 
Missionaries of other churches were jealous and asked the United States government to keep the Latter-day Saint missionaries out of the Indian territory.

From a BYU History Paper:
"Richard W. Cummins, the Indian agent learned about the elder's activities and ordered them to desist and leave at once. Government regulations forbade work among the Indians without a special permit issued by the Superintendent of Indian affairs, a regulation with which the elders had failed to comply." Source

The Primary Manual does not say that the Mormon Missionaries were breaking the law by preaching to the Indians. 
Calling the other churches jealous is such a joke.  Pissed would be better because I’m sure they would have also wanted to preach, but they didn’t want to break the law.

Source: BYU - Studies - Mission to the Lamanites

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