Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dinosaurs and the Mormon Church

Dinosaurs and the Mormon Church

"Latter-day revelation teaches that there was no death on this earth before the Fall of Adam. Indeed, death entered the world as a direct result of the Fall (2 Ne. 2:22Moses 6:48)."

Dinosaur Fossils Found in Utah

The church says that Adam lived about 6000 years ago.  

Most Geology and Paleontology scholars estimate that the dinosaurs died 65 million years ago.  

So if there was no death before 7000 years ago, where did all the dinosaurs come from?
LDS Seminary Old Testament Timeline

Prior to the 1980's it was commonly taught in church settings that fossilized dinosaur bones are from dinosaurs that lived on other worlds that were destroyed to create the Earth. They were living creatures, but not from this Earth.  The did not die HERE, so there was no "death before the fall"

The Church has backed away from this teaching but the doctrine still continues to be taught among the congregations. 


  1. Dinosaurs were created in the garden of Eden just like all other animals. Dinosaurs began to die after the fall of Adam in about 4,000 BC just like all other animals. Dinosaurs became extinct at the time of the flood a little before 2,300 BC; their fossils are found in sediment exactly as they would be if they died in a flood. The scriptures are accurate. So why does this not agree with science? Because radiocarbon dating is inaccurate. When Libby invented it, his testing actually showed that the earth was about 10,000-15,000 years old. He did not believe the results because he had been taught that the earth was much older so he changed the assumptions and the model has forever after been based on a faulty timeframe. https://nephicode.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-old-is-old-part-i.html

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