Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LDS Meetings are Boring !

LDS Meetings are Boring !
The rise of the internet has unfortunately caused "The Church" to become even more boring.  Two weeks ago in my ward, two of the speakers (a youth and an adult man) read talks that were taken directly from General Conference to us. I HATE TO BE READ TO !!

I'm not this obvious yet.
The beauty of having a lay ministry is that we all share personal experiences, challenges and frustrations of life.  We strengthen each other.  We see that I'm not perfect and neither is anybody else.  This makes me what to share, participate and help others.  Unfortunately talks and lessons have gone so far away from what I remember in my tiny branch growing up.

When somebody makes a statement like, "I just loved the way Elder Bednar spoke in General Conference, so I'm just going to read his talk to you", It is so frustrating !!  I instantly tune out and start playing angry birds on my phone.
My New Standard Works
It becomes worse when the same things happens in Elder's Quorum.  Recently the teacher read aloud a entire talk from Elder Packer.... (Boring !!)  and we discussed it paragraph by paragraph.  I managed to sit at the back of the room and update my Facebook status and keep up on the football scores.  Go 49'ers!!
Boyd K. Packer
I really believe that I could get past all the historical issues about the Church (Joseph Smith fooling around with 14 year old girls) if the meetings were more motivating and uplifting.  But I don't see that changing any time.  


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