Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gay Marriage Momentum

The momentum for the legalization of Gay Marriage is quickly growing.  I'm thrilled !  Everyone I've talked to recently:  Mormons, Catholics, Gays assumed that gay marriage would be legal eventually in every state.  So why did the LDS Church, the State of Utah and all the others fighting it waste all that time and money?

I believe that as soon as every state has finally legalized marriage equality that it won't be a big deal anymore.  It will just be part of our life and world and LGBT people can just do what that have always wanted to do.  Find someone that want to spend their life with and live that life.

As a Mormon, it makes me sad that this effort that began long before California's Prop - 8 has given Mormons a justification for believing that LGBT people were of less value in the eyes of God.  Some of the statements that Elder Packer and others have made are horrible.

Even today nearly 40 years after the 1978 "Revelation on the Priesthood", Mormons still have not yet fully accepted people of African decent.  I worry that it will be generations before Mormons will have any measure of acceptance for my Gay and Lesbian friends.

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