Thursday, July 14, 2016

Is the Mormon Church Really About Families ? - or about SEX ?


  1. I think this is the second post about The Mormon church i read in you blog. It's interesting how you cover mostly intriguing church topics my fiend. My team from college essay help for you are very interested about reading these kinds of topic. By the way, my opinion would be Joseph Smith is just a man. A flesh and flood and is vulnerable to earthly desired like any man. It should not bring the church down because a man has failed his faith. Like any other church, The Mormons is wrap with controversies and nobody is perfect enough to judge and mark everyone for this. Better to move on with you faith and stay on course. That is what i believe.

    1. Interesting comment. I don't know your background, but Mormon's teach that the Prophet can never leave the church astray. Children sing the song, "Follow the Prophet". We are taught that we will be blessed by God even if the Prophet tells us to do something wrong. I'd love to hear more about your group.