Sunday, March 18, 2018

Controlling by FEAR

The Mormon Church has perfected the doctrine of fear.  

Fear of Causing Suffering of Others.  (If you don't do Family History / Temple work, your dead family members are suffering in spirit prison for 100's of years.)

Fear of Death. (If you forget to pray before leaving the house, or drink coffee or eat out on Sunday)

Fear of Shunning, (If you wear the wrong cloths, say the wrong thing, express doubt, don't serve a mission)

Fear of Eternal Suffering, (If you have even sinned once and haven't repented)

Fear of loss of Family, (If they go to Celestial Kingdom and you don't)

Fear of Loss of Blessings, (If you fail to pay tithing or read you scriptures or pray or do Home Teaching)

Fear of Financial Ruin, (If you don't pay 100 percent tithing or do your calling)

Fear of Judgement, (By God, by bishop, by people in class, by neighbors)

Fear of Embarrassment, (If your house, car, kids, lesson, talk isn't perfect)

Fear of the Second Coming, (Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, death torture)

Fear of Damnation (If you tell secret temple handshakes, or oaths)

No wonder Mormons have some of the highest depression rates in the world.  Everything we do is motivated by fear.  

It is cruel and yet effective.  I wonder how many Mormon's attend Church and pay tithing only out of fear.  I would say most.  This defines a cult.

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